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2D Background

A background is a 2D element which exists automatically in every 2D environment. Its purpose is simply to show the user some dimensional reference and also the coordinate origin (X=0, Y=0) which is located in the lower left-hand corner of the background.


Backgrounds cannot be added or removed. They can just be shown or hidden. A background is selectable in the navigation panel only. It is available in the Environment node . A background is not stored with the designed objects, so it is not available when the object is used in the nailboard.


Backgrounds can be edited in the properties panel. The properties common to all 2D objects are described in the 2D Properties Panel section of this help file.

Editing the object properties of backgrounds allows changing (or setting more accurately) their size. From the Size drop-down list you can select some default background sizes (A4 to A0). If you select the User-defined option here, the dimension fields will be made accessible and allow you to determine your own width and height for the background.